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Typically stallion syndicates mainly involve the syndication of Stallion shares and/or lifetime breeding rights.

Traditionally such stallion syndicates are structured into 40 or 50 shares. Each shareholder is usually entitled to a nomination each year to the Stallion including “free-return”. There may also be bonus nominations in earlier years depending on the deal. Shareholders may also be entitled to a dividend (should the revenue of the syndicate exceed relevant expenditure). The rules of the syndicate are covered by a Stallion syndicate deed.

The Stud is also entitled to Stallion standing rights (e.g. 12 nominations to the Stallion). These rights are in consideration for the Stud standing and marketing the Stallion and their duties and obligations are covered legally by a Stallion Standing agreement. These fees are agreed in the Stallion standing agreement.

Stable Connect may act as the Syndicate manager and Responsible Entity for Stallion syndicates.

Prospective purchasers of Shares in any Stallion syndicate should receive a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) or Information Memorandum (IM).

General Advice

Our related service providers Stable Financial and Stable Legal are able to draw upon its vast experience and provide advice on any aspect of stallion ownership including:

  • Review and recommendation regarding stallion contracts

  • Tax structuring regarding stallion investment e.g potential use of SMSF

  • Managing investors’ interests in stallions

  • Assisting studs meet their obligations

Our involvement has included professional support in the following stallions: 

Americain, Myboycharlie, Master of Design, The Factor, Bel Esprit, Star Witness, Akeed Mofeed, It’s a Dundeel, Trust in a Gust, Unencumbered, Puissance De Lune etc.

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