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The size, scope and structure of Breeding Funds will vary greatly based on the objectives of those involved in the venture.  The rules and regulations of the Fund are usually covered by a Unit Trust Deed.

There will be a bloodstock management agreement between the Fund and the appointed Bloodstock Managers (usually a Stud) which will detail the relationship between the two parties and the responsibilities and rights therein.  The appointed Bloodstock Managers will have the right to divest and acquire bloodstock within prescribed limits as agreed.  The fund will be able to terminate this agreement upon minimum standards not being met.

Stable Connect may act as the Fund Manager and responsible entity for Breeding syndicates.

The Bloodstock Managers will be responsible for all the day to day bloodstock management activities, include the following:

  • Assisting with the initial marketing and distribution strategies of the syndicate

  • Inspection and purchase of bloodstock

  • Management of bloodstock

  • Liaising with trainers and other service providers

  • Organising member functions i.e.: stable visits, stud visits

  • Communicating information to investors

The Bloodstock Managers will be entitled to specific remuneration for their efforts and it is envisaged that success based remuneration will be included.

The Funds should be finite. However, at completion, there should be an option to roll a successful fund into a new fund for a further term.

Information memorandums or relevant PDS’s will be prepared for perusal by interested parties.

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