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Bennett Racing

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Nathan Bennett

Director | Bennett Racing

Question 1:  What was it that attracted you to starting your syndications business?

Answer:  I originally went into a few syndicated horses and thought there were a few things that could be improved on to service all owners in the horses with extra communications.

Question 2:  What has been your biggest highlight so far as a Syndicator?

Answer:  Biggest Highlight would be She Shao Fly winning the Group 3 SA Sires Produce and two Group 2 placings over the Spring.

Question 3:  What have you found to be the biggest struggle during Covid?

Answer:  Not being able to see the horses with your own eyes and also no owner’s events, which we love providing.

Question 4:  Were there any Covid silver linings?

Answer:  I think due to Racing continuing it actually gave people something to watch and more people wanted to join Racing.

Question 5:  Is there anything you will do differently from now on?

Answer: Nothing that stands out but we will do Zoom meetings when we have our yearling parades so people who cannot make it can view.

Question 6:  What is your expectation for yearling prices in 2021. 

Answer:  I would think there would be a small decrease in prices but still believe nice horses will make good money.

Question 7:  As a Syndicator, what is the one race you would love to win and why?

Answer: The Coolmore as I believe it is such a great race and always rates very highly.

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