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Donalds Racing joins the Stable Connect team.

31 Oct 2021

We are extremely happy to welcome Donalds Racing to the Stable Connect team. Donalds Racing is registered with Racing Victoria (RVL) and is headlined by Alex Vinar. Alex has been running a very successful sport & racing online community and is excited to now be able to offer his members (and more) the opportunity to own their own racehorse.

Alex Vinar is Director and Founder of Donalds Racing and enjoys all things racing. He has a wealth of 10 years’ experience in the Horse Racing industry, working in a variety of different positions from yearling sale duties, to social media communications & sales for different stables across Australia. He also holds a certificate 3 in sport and recreation and business management and has also held positions such as account management for bookmakers. This wide scope of expertise within the racing industry means he is well equipped to offer his investors a fantastic racehorse syndication experience.

We are very excited to see Donalds Racing grow as a syndications business and enjoy the journey along with Alex.

Welcome to the team!

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