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Stable Connect welcomes Connections Syndications to the team!

30 June 2022

Connections Syndications is headlined by Will Sederino who has been involved in the racing industry as an owner and syndicate manager for many years. Speaking to Will, it is clear to see how passionate he is about racehorse ownership and it’s ability to bring people closer together. As a result of this passion, Connections Syndications will have a clear focus on helping owners connect and engage with family and friends through racehorse ownership.

Connections Syndications has a great relationship with trainer Robbie Griffiths who has trained many of Will’s horses, and is looking forward to building the team of horses along with Robbie’s guidance and expertise. They look forward to attracting both racing and non-racing people into their ownership groups and aim to educate and inform their owners to become more engaged participants in the racing industry.

We love the inspiration behind Connections Syndications vision and look forward to watching it being brought to life.

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