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Welcoming KO Racing Thoroughbreds to the Stable Connect team!

6 Feb 2024

Since its establishment in 2019, KO Thoroughbred Racing has gone from strength to strength, creating a legacy of success highlighted by over 50 victories since their inaugural runner.

Their founder Kobie O’Brien has built KO Racing from the ground up – from its modest beginning in bush racing to achieving multiple wins in metropolitan racing. Prior to venturing into the world of horse racing, Kobie completed a Bachelor's degree in Learning Design and gained experience in underground coal mining. During this phase of his life, he diligently cultivated his love for racing, dedicating every available moment to studying racing forms and ratings. Kobie's impressive expertise in the field is apparent through his expanding record of exceptional acquisitions, which have greatly enriched his business. In his early twenties, Kobie serves as a shining example of youthful enthusiasm and foresight in the racing industry.

Kobie has assembled an exceptional team around him, including his Managing Director, Kurt Cockburn, and Racing and Bloodstock Manager, Kenric Head, who bring extensive experience in both racing and business. Together with Kobie, they will manage all aspects of their racing portfolio. In the office, Administration Manager Brittany Hacker will spearhead operations, bringing her administrative proficiency to the dynamic realm of horse racing.

KO Thoroughbred Racing have certainly hit the ground running at Stable Connect, with 3 yearling PDSs currently available and you can head to their website to register your interest. We are certainly excited to have the team on board and look forward to watching them grow their stable. They have certainly shown their professionalism and have been a dream to work with.

Welcome to the team KO!

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