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Tricolours Racing & Syndications

James Moss

Director | Tricolours Racing & Syndications

Question 1: What was it that attracted you to starting your syndications business?

Answer: I’ve always had a passion for racing. Even as a young child, I would attend the races with my father and watch the races. As soon as I turned 18, I bought into my first horse and have been hooked on ownership ever since. I decided to start Tricolours to follow my true passion in life, which is racing.


Question 2: What has been your biggest highlight so far as a Syndicator?

Answer: We have had lots of race track success in such a short amount of time. With a winners-to-runners strike rate of 24%, I’m really proud of what we have achieved for our owners. However, the biggest highlight so far has been the establishment of our horse welfare trust. All of our owners have been so supportive of this endeavour. So far, we have made significant financial contributions to both Chynna Marston and Bec Brown, who both do an incredible job re-homing horses. While most of our horses are years away from needing re-homing, along the way we help those who need it. It’s something all Tricolours owners are really proud of. The horses certainly come first at Tricolours.


Question 3: What have you found to be the biggest struggle during Covid?

Answer: I think by far the hardest thing about Covid was being forced to stay away from the horses. Not only did it make communication with owners harder, I really missed being around our horses and taking owners to see them.


Question 4: Were there any Covid silver linings?

Answer: I think the silver lining of Covid for the racing industry was the exposure the sport had to ‘non-racing’ people. At the height of the pandemic, racing was the only sport continuing and that was a great opportunity for the sport to be introduced to a new audience. I think the broader racing audience has increased over the pandemic.


Question 5: Is there anything you will do differently from now on?

Answer: Not really. Nothing really changes in our process. If anything, I have more belief in the way how we do things, now more than ever. Our owners have been fantastic during Covid and I’m looking forward to the future.


Question 6: What is your expectation for yearling prices in 2021. 

Answer: It’s always difficult to predict how strong/weak the market will be and quite often broader economic conditions are not reflective of yearling prices. I will just stick to my normal process, trying to buy high quality yearlings at the right price, and that will never change.


Question 7: As a Syndicator, what is the one race you would love to win and why?

Answer: That’s a tough question. On a personal level, I have some really fond memories of the Doncaster and it has always been a race I would love to win. But, as a syndicator, and looking after my owners, I’d be happy to settle for an Everest or a Melbourne Cup!

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