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At Stable Connect we offer a full range of management, consulting and support services to Thoroughbred Racing, Breeding and Stallion Syndicates.

We also focus heavily on supporting investors by ensuring their investment in bloodstock is well managed, protected and fairly treated.

Stable Connect is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (336964) allowing it to undertake the promotion and management of Horse Racing, Breeding and Stallion Syndicates.

Our stated mission is:

“To operate a syndication related business that is renowned as the leader in strong corporate governance, independence, integrity, transparency and professional services in promoting and managing Thoroughbred breeding and racing syndicates in Australia.”



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Being a racehorse owner in Australia is no longer limited to the elite and is extremely achievable at all levels of investment.  One of the major reasons for this is the large selection of specialised syndicators now found throughout Australia.

Racehorse syndication involves the process of selling shares in a racehorse, such that ownership of the horse is split between multiple owners.  Syndicators are making it possible for more people to experience racehorse ownership  with many offering as little as 1% shares.  Syndicators manage the whole 'behind the scenes' process such as selecting the horse at the sales, managing all the ongoing paperwork, liaising with the trainers and industry professionals and most importantly bringing together likeminded groups of people who want to enjoy the experience of owning a racehorse.

There are very strict rules governing syndication in Australia which helps to protect investors.  Before a Syndicator is able to advertise shares for sale in each horse, they must first have a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Syndicate Deed approved by the Lead Regulator in the state the horse is to be trained which must then be made available to all prospective purchasers.  These documents provide investors with important information to make an informed decision on their investment in owning a racehorse, stallion or broodmare and the future costs involved.

For a list of Authorised Syndicators currently using the Stable Connect licence click here.

Syndication is on the rise...

One in every 305 Australians is a racehorse owner

* based on UN data population estimation of 25,203,198 (2019)

Racehorses with 10+ owners has increased from 697 in 2008/09 to 2,151 in 2019/20.

In 2019/20 there were 7,210 registered Thoroughbred Syndicates with a total of 40,804 Syndicate Members - up from 26,519 in 2012/13.

Prizemoney in Australia has increased 130% since the 2002/03 season to a massive $728,809,559 in 2018/19.

There are currently 50+ Authorised Syndicators across Australia.





Association with an organisation renown for its integrity and professionalism

Coverage under our Professional Indemnity insurance at no extra cost

Access to procedures manual which will ensure compliance with the Corporations Act 2001

Access to numerous professionals such as lawyers, auditors and accountants

The ability to advertise horses for syndication

Access to compliant syndicate documents

Ongoing training and development

Due to the ASIC regulations for racing, breeding and stallion syndication, it is a requirement that all syndicators hold an AFS licence or become an Authorised Representative of an AFS licence holder if they wish to promote the sale of shares.

Stable Connect is the holder of an appropriate licence (AFSL 336964) allowing us to undertake the promotion and management of Horse Racing, Breeding and Stallion Syndicates of any size and capital value.  We are also able to appoint and register Authorised Representatives who are then able to promote their business of syndications under the Stable Connect banner.

If you become an Authorised Representative of Stable Connect, through our guidance and oversight you will be permitted to promote your syndications business.

We work closely and share a good relationship with the lead regulators, Racing Victoria Limited (RVL), Racing New South Wales (RSNW), Queensland Racing (QRIC), Racing SA and Racing & Wagering WA (RWWA).



There are a few steps involved in becoming an Authorised Representative.  Please click the link below to find out more.





A one off 'sign-on' fee is charged when you and your incorporated body have met the required criteria and been duly appointed as an Authorised Representative of Stable Connect.


You will be acting as an agent of Stable Connect therefore we are responsible for your actions and will be providing supervision in respect of the compliance elements of your activities.  This includes ongoing monitoring to ensure you are acting in accordance with our guidelines, the Lead Regulator and the ASIC Instrument.  Included in this fee is your ongoing professional indemnity insurance cover under the Stable Connect policy.


For each horse you syndicate we will review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Syndicate Deed and marketing materials associated with the syndication to ensure it complies with the Lead Regulator’s guidelines.  We will also  as establish and administrate the bank account whilst the horse is under offer.

We will charge you a once only fee per syndication payable upon approval of the syndicate by the Lead Regulator.

Please contact us for more details.

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